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Terms of use

The terms contained herein (the “Terms of use”) concern access to and use of the Site.

Persons accessing information on websites operated by Rational Venture AG (, hereinafter summarised as "rational studio website") fully and completely accepts the Terms of use. Any special agreements regarding services or products by Rational Ventures AG (hereinafter “rational studio”) shall apply in addition to these conditions.


Rational Ventures AG (hereinafter “rational studio”): A private company established under Swiss law and registered in Zurich that owns and runs the "rational studio" label.

Site: The website, and all sub-domains.

User: Any individual visitor to the Site or recipient of specific content such as ads, e-mail or newsletters in relation to rational studio.


The Site is subject to Swiss law. The information on this Site is offered on an ‘as is’ basis. This means that rational studio does not provide any guarantees or accept any liability regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information on the Site. Under no circumstances will rational studio or its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, or any claims for compensation arising from access to or use of the Site. 

Under no circumstances will rational studio be liable for any damage resulting from any loss resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use, function or performance of the Site, or any services in connection therewith, or any contents contained therein, unless such damage was proximately caused by the gross negligence or an intentional act of rational studio.

The Site may feature links to other websites. If these links refer to web pages outside of the rational studio domain, such web pages are not administered by rational studio and rational studio will not be responsible for the contents of such web pages. Furthermore, rational studio accepts no liability for any manipulation of the internet user’s IT system by unauthorized persons. rational studio expressly points out the risk of viruses and the possibility of targeted hacker attacks. In order to prevent viruses, using the latest browser version as well as installing a regularly updated antivirus software is recommended. Users should strictly avoid opening e-mails of unknown origin or unexpected e-mail attachments.

By communicating with rational studio through the Site, or uploading any information and/or materials to the Site, the User authorizes rational studio to use this information for the purpose for which the User has made this information available to rational studio. For example, if a User subscribes for the newsletter, the User accepts that it may receive correspondence from rational studio.

All intellectual and other property rights, such as text, graphics, images, icons and trademarks and trade names, featured in the information and materials on the Site are owned by rational studio and/or its licensors. Access to this information does not entitle the User to any rights. These materials may not be copied, distributed or used for any other purpose without the express written consent of rational studio, except as otherwise allowed by law. You may not use our trademarks in connection with any product or service in any way that is likely to cause confusion.

You are fully responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of the information you upload, share with or send to the Site.

rational studio reserves the right to modify this disclaimer from time to time. Your continued access and use of the Site after making such modifications and posting the updated disclaimer on this web page will constitute your unconditional acceptance of such modifications. 

Privacy statement 

Should there be any inconsistency between this data protection statement and any other applicable contract or the general terms and conditions of Rational Ventures AG, the provisions of this data protection statement will prevail.

Data protection is a matter of trust, and your trust is important to us. We respect your personality and privacy. We also want to make sure that your personal data are protected and processed in accordance with the law.

It is important to us that you agree to your personal data being processed. In this privacy statement we will provide you with comprehensive information about the data processing methods we use. And you then decide whether you wish your personal data to be processed.

This privacy statement covers both historical and future personal data. If you agree to your data being processed, we will process not only personal data collected by you in the future in accordance with this privacy statement, but also your personal data that we already have on file. 

When we refer in this privacy statement to the processing of your personal data, we mean any form of handling of your personal data. This includes, for example:

  • the collection,
  • storage,
  • management,
  • use,
  • transmission,
  • disclosure or
  • deletion of your personal data.

We collect personal data so that we can offer our customers better services. We firmly believe that if our activities are geared to the wishes and needs of our customers that should make the tasks of daily life easier for you. Better services may include

  • Optimization of our store locations, so that these are always close to where you are
  • Gearing the product assortment to customer requirements
  • Personalization of customer communication, so that you will find offers which match your wishes and receive less advertising overall
  • Simplification of procedures such as purchases or bookings, so that you reach your goal more quickly

    How do we protect your personal data?

    We have technical and organizational security procedures to maintain the security of your personal data and to protect your session data and personal data against unauthorized or illegal processing and/or against unintentional loss, modification, disclosure or access. Nevertheless, you should always be aware that the transmission of data over the Internet and other electronic means entails certain security risks, and that we cannot give any guarantee for the security of data that are transmitted in this way.

    How long do we keep data for?

    We keep your personal data for as long as we consider necessary or reasonable to comply with the applicable laws, or for as long as this is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. We delete your personal data as soon as they are no longer required, and in any case after the end of the maximum retention period prescribed by law.

    What rights do you have in respect to your personal data?

    You have the right to assert your data protection rights at any time, and to obtain information about your stored personal data, to rectify, add to, object to the processing of your personal data, or demand the deletion of your personal data. You will find details of how to contact us in section 4 below. We reserve the right to correspond with you electronically in this connection (especially by e-mail).

    How can you contact us?

    If you would like to assert your rights in respect of your personal data, or if you have any questions or concerns relating to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at We will make every effort to respond to your questions or concerns immediately after receipt.

    Who is the owner of the data collected?

    We are obliged by law to notify you of the name of the owner of the data collection which includes your personal data. The owner of the data collection is Rational Ventures AG, St. Jakobstrasse 7, 8004 Zürich.

    When do we collect your personal information?

    We collect your personal data whenever we are in contact with you. There are many kinds of situations in which we are in contact with you. For example, we collect your personal data under the following circumstances:

    • When you visit our businesses or other premises;
    • When you purchase our goods or services in our businesses or via our websites;
    • When you claim a service from our Customer Services;
    • When you receive a newsletter or other advertisement about our products and services;
    • When you take part in a competition or prize draw;
    • When you become a member of one of our communities;
    • When you take part in one of our market research promotions or surveys;
    • When you use, or communicate with us or third parties via our websites, apps for mobile devices or offers on internet platforms, multimedia portals and/or social networks;
    • When you communicate with us by telephone, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS) or social media;
    • When you make contact with us at special occasions such as events, publicity events, sponsorship events or cultural and sports events.

      Which personal information do we collect?

      The personal data collected are similarly varied. Firstly, we collect personal data which you make available to us. Secondly, we collect personal data which are automatically or manually recorded when you contact us, for example:

      Data about you:

      • Name and first name;
      • Date of birth and age;
      • Gender;
      • Home address;
      • Size of household;
      • Shopping habits;
      • Information about spending power;
      • Customer and shopping preferences;
      • Delivery address;
      • Invoice address;
      • Credit card and account information;
      • Language preferences;
      • Telephone number(s);
      • E-mail address(es);
      • Identification numbers of your technical devices;
      • Customer and loyalty card numbers;
      • Details of newsletters subscribed to or other publicity;
      • Consent to receive advertising material;
      • Online customer account information (including date of opening, user names, profiles);
      • Data relating to customer activities
      • Contract dates (including contract date, type of contract, contract provisions; parties to the contract; term of contract; contract value; claims lodged under contract);
      • Purchasing information (including date of purchase; place of purchase; time of purchase; type, quantity and value of the products and services purchased; shopping basket; cancelled shopping basket; payment method used; paying agent; purchasing history);
      • Customer service information (including product returns, complaints, guarantee claims, delivery information);
      • Session dates with reference to visits to our websites, apps for mobile devices or offers on Internet platforms, multimedia portals and/or social networks (including duration and frequency of visits, language and regional defaults, information about browser and computer operating system, Internet Protocol addresses, search terms and search results; ratings submitted);
      • Location data when using mobile devices;
      • Communications by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or Instant Messaging.

        Why do we process personal data?

        We process your personal data for a variety of purposes. These purposes can be summarized in different groups. In particular, we may process all or some of your personal data for one or more of the following purposes:

        a. Purposes of processing in connection with our products and services

        • Supply and sale of our products and services;
        • Handling of orders and contracts, including sending of order and dispatch confirmations, delivery confirmations, delivery and invoicing;
        • Organization and provision of courses, seminars or training programs;
        • Organization and provision of customer service services;
        • Organization and carrying out of customer card or loyalty card schemes;
        • Organization and conduct of market research and surveys;
        • Verification of customer creditworthiness.

          b. Purposes of processing in connection with customer communication

          • Provision, administration and realization of customer communication by post and via electronic communications media;
          • Business communication by post and by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or Instant Messaging;
          • Assessing the use of our products by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS) or Instant Messaging such as: type of use, frequency and duration of use, exact location of use.

            c. Purposes of processing in connection with special activities and events

            • Organization and realization of competitions or prize draws, including notification and publication of winners via our websites, apps for mobile devices or our products on Internet platforms, multimedia portals or social networks;
            • Organization and realization of special occasions such as events, publicity events, sponsorship events, cultural and sporting events.

              d. Purposes of processing in connection with the customer behavior analysis

              • Optimization of the locations and product range in our stores. This is done by means of individualized and personal, but also anonymous and group-based recording and evaluation of historical and current customer and purchasing behavior in our businesses or other premises – including the creation and analysis of location data, motion profiles and shopping basket analysis;
              • Individualized and personal or anonymous and group-based recording and evaluation of historical and current purchasing behavior in the use of products on our websites, apps for mobile devices or on Internet platforms, multimedia portals and/or social networks;
              • Individualized and personal and/or anonymous and group-based identification, classification and analysis of current and potential customer needs and customer interests;
              • Individualized and personal and/or anonymous and group-based categorization and analysis of customer behavior and customer potential:
              • Statistical evaluation of customer behavior based on anonymized customer data;
              • Linking of the personal data collected by us about you with data that is publicly available and also data gathered by third parties to improve our data base and to analyze customer behavior. The enrichment of profiles with third-party data includes, e.g.: data from the Federal Statistical Office, calendar data or geodata

                e. Purposes of processing in connection with direct marketing

                • Simplification of procedures – such as purchases or bookings - and use of findings from the analysis of customer behavior for continual improvement of all product and service ranges;
                • Avoidance of unnecessary advertising through findings from the analysis of customer behavior for individualized and personalized direct marketing
                • Sending of individualized and personalized advertising by post or by telephone, fax, e-mail, voicemail, text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), video messaging or Instant Messaging;
                • Individualized and personalized matching of offers and advertising on our websites, apps for mobile devices or with our channels on Internet platforms, multimedia portals and/or social networks.

                  Whom do we pass your personal data on to?

                  We may pass your personal data on to third parties, in order to make use of technical or organizational services which we need to meet the purposes specified or for our other business activities. Our service providers are contractually bound to process personal data exclusively on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. We also oblige our service providers to comply with technical and organizational measures which guarantee the protection of personal data. If the service providers are located in countries where the applicable laws do not provide any protection of personal data that is comparable with that provided by Swiss law, we will ensure by contract that the service providers concerned maintain the Swiss level of data protection.

                  We may also pass your personal data on if we regard this as necessary to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, for court proceedings, if required to do so by the competent courts and authorities, or under other legal obligations, in order to protect and defend our rights and/or our property.

                  How do we use cookies and comparable technologies?

                  We use cookies and comparable technologies such as Pixel tags on our websites (collectively referred to as "cookies"). These are small files which are stored on your computer or mobile device when you use our websites. We would also like to provide you with comprehensive information about our use of cookies.

                  The legal basis for the data processed by cookies can be found in Article 6(1)(f) GDPR.

                  a. Why do we use cookies?
                  The cookies that we use serve, firstly, to ensure that our websites function properly – such as shopping basket functionality. We also use cookies to match our Internet product to your wishes as a customer and to make web surfing with us as comfortable as possible for you. We also use cookies to optimize our advertising. With cookies we can present you with advertising and/or particular products and services that might be of special interest to you based on your use of our website. Our aim is to make our web product as attractive as possible for you and to present you with advertising that corresponds to your areas of interest.

                  b. Which cookies do we use?
                  Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted from your computer or mobile device after your browser session has ended (so-called session cookies). For example, we use session cookies to store your regional and language defaults and your shopping basket over different sites in a web session.

                  In addition, we use temporary and permanent cookies. These remain stored on your computer or mobile device after the end of the browser session. Then, when you revisit one of our websites your preferred entries and settings are automatically identified. Depending on which type they are, these temporary and permanent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device for between one month and ten years, and are automatically deactivated after the end of the programmed period. They are used to make our websites more user friendly, more effective and more secure. Thanks to these cookies you will have, for example, information displayed on the site that is tailored especially to your interests (e.g., display of local currency).

                  It is also possible that the cookies stored on your computer or mobile device may come from partner companies. These cookies enable our partner companies to target you with advertising that might actually be of interest to you or are used to e.g., determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. Cookies of partner companies remain stored on your computer or mobile device for between one month and ten years, and are automatically deactivated after the end of the programmed period.

                  c. Which data are stored in cookies?
                  No personal data are stored in the cookies we use. The cookies used by us cannot be assigned to a specific person. When a cookie is activated the person will be allocated an identification number.

                  d. How can you can prevent the storage of cookies?
                  Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. They can, however, instruct your browser not to accept any cookies, or to ask you each time before a cookie from a website you have visited is accepted. You can also delete cookies from your computer or mobile device by using the appropriate function on your browser. If you decide not to accept our cookies or the cookies of our partner companies, you will not be able to see certain information on our websites or use a number of functions which should improve your visit.

                  How do we use log files?
                  Every time you access our websites, certain usage data are transmitted to us by your Internet browser for technical reasons, and stored in protocol files, known as log files. The usage data in question are the following: the date and time our website is called up; the name of the website called up; the IP address of your computer or mobile device; the address of the website from which you accessed our website; the volume of data transferred and the name and version of your browser.

                  Analysis of the log files helps us to further improve our Internet products and make them more user friendly, to find and remove errors more quickly, and to control server capacities. Using log files, we can, for instance, determine the time when the use of our Internet products is particularly popular and make appropriate data volumes available to guarantee you optimum usage.

                  How do we use web analysis tools?
                  In order to constantly improve and optimize our Internet offering, we use what are known as tracking technologies. Web analysis tools provide us with statistics and graphics which provide us with information about the use of our websites. This involves data about the use of a website being transferred to the server used. Depending on the provider of a web analysis tool, these servers may be located abroad. For the most frequently used web analysis tool, Google Analytics, these data are transferred including shortened IP addresses, which prevents the identification of individual devices. Google complies with the data protection rules of the "Swiss-U.S. Privacy ShieldFramework" and is registered with the “Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield” program of the US Department of Commerce (Information about the “Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield” can be found under The IP address transmitted by your browser within the framework of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data. Transfer of these data by Google to third parties can only take place on the basis of legal regulations or as part of the order data processing.

                  Should other web analysis tools be used, the data collection process is essentially the same.

                  You may prevent the recording of the data generated by cookies and relating to your use of the website (incl. your IP address) at Google, as well as the processing of these data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under the following link ( You will find more detailed information about Google Analytics and data protection at or

                  How do we use social plugins?
                  Our websites use social plugins, e.g. from TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. The plugins are labelled with the logo of the provider.

                  When you call up our websites which contain such a plugin, your browser sets up a direct connection with the provider’s computers. The content of the plugin is transmitted by the provider site directly to your browser, which integrates it into the website. By integrating plugins the provider receives the information that you have called up our website. If you are simultaneously logged in to the provider, the provider can assign the visit to your profile. If you interact with the plugins the relevant information is transmitted by your browser directly to the provider and stored there.

                  If you do not want the provider to collect data about you via our website, you must log out of the provider before you visit our website. Even if you are logged out, providers collect anonymized data via social plugins set up a cookie for you. If you log into the provider at a later time, these data may be assigned to your profile.

                  If a login is provided via a social login service data are exchanged between the provider and our website. By using such login services you agree to the transfer of data.

                  If you do not want the provider to collect data about you via these cookies, you can select the “block cookies from third-party providers function in your browser settings. Then if there is embedded content from other providers, the browser does not send any cookies to the server. It is possible that with this setting other functions on our website will no longer function.

                  If you have any questions about data protection, or if you wish to request information or request the deletion of your data, please contact, Re: “Data Protection”.

                  Date 28.04.2022

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